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Nature of Business

Lian Wang Trading Pte Ltd has become a prominent provider in the construction industry. Established since 1992, Lian Wang now offers a wide range of bricks, bricks tiles and other constructions materials to the local companies. With more than 20 years of experience, we have established ourselves as a reliable and responsible one stop service for our clients.

As the world move towards an environmentally friendly and eco-green industry, we had set up a subsidiary company “Greatwall Panel Pte Ltd”, to produce “Great wall” Ultra lightweight concrete panels for upcoming projects. Great wall panel is a hollow-core lightweight concrete wall system that is designed for fast installation with minimal wet work and without the need for highly skilled labour. Great Wall panel offers high quality finishing and low material wastage, resulting in significant cost savings.

In addition, to cater the increasing demand of concrete interlocking and clay paver, we have also set up a subsidiary company ”Jia Wang Paving Supplies Pte Ltd” for our clients’ convenience. With a fleet of twenty four lorries with crane, we ensure prompt delivery and best service in an efficient way to our clients. Throughout the years, Lian Wang has developed from a humble to a reputable company and has surpassed others by providing high standard quality of products and excellent service to its clients.


Site Construction -- Unit Pavers
Concrete -- Basic Concrete Materials & Methods
Masonry -- Bricks
Masonry -- Concrete Masonry Units
Finishes -- Paver Tiles