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Message from President, The Singapore Contractors Association Ltd

A shop house that started humbly in 1937 with just 30 builders, The Singapore Contractors Association Ltd, or in short SCAL, is proud to be the official representative of the building and construction industry with over 2,700 members in Singapore today. Works carried out by members of the Association account for more than 75% of the projects within the industry in Singapore.

SCAL is well represented in numerous policy-making committees of professional and government bodies as we foster harmonious working relationships between the industry and authorities. We keep our ears to the ground and become the collective voice of our members by holding regular and dynamic dialogues with the various ministries on pertinent industry issues such as manpower and safety so as to help shape regulations and decisions that affect the industry.

With 10 sub-committees with specific areas of focus, SCAL is fully committed to provide our members with a wide range of support, from upgrading and updating fellow members on the latest construction practices and regulations to administrative assistance. To provide members with a holistic support and service network, we have four subsidiaries, namely, SC2, SCAL Resources, SCAL Academy and SCAL Dormitory.

SCAL also provides platforms for members to expand their networks regionally and internationally by being closely affiliated to various organisations to foster fellowship and co-operation among contractors, facilitate the exchange of technology and information and develop and strengthen the relationship between governments and members.

In planning for the future, SCAL will continue to keep abreast of technical developments, monitor market changes and maintain the dialogue with government departments in order to provide its members with the confidence and the essential support to run the next lap and cross the next hurdle.

SCAL is very pleased to be featured for the first time in this resourceful directory for the contractors’ industry. The Singapore Builders Directory is an informative and comprehensive guide for all related industries and consumers.

On this note, SCAL would like to thank Marshall Cavendish Business Information for this impeccable publication. Looking forward, SCAL is excited for the future of the building and construction industry with the demand forecasted between S$31 and S$38 billion this year. This positive outlook will present many business opportunities and with useful references such as the Singapore Builders Directory, we look forward to an integrated industry, helping one another scale greater heights together.

Thank you and congratulations on yet another successful publication!

Dr Ho Nyok Yong
The Singapore Contractors Association Ltd

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