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Message by President, Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects (SILA)

Congratulations on publishing yet another edition of the Singapore Source Book for Architects, Designers and Building Contractors.

Just as this source book is an invaluable tool to the industry and professionals involved in the built environment sector, the landscape architecture profession has matured and now plays a key role in the design and sustainability of our city.

Landscape architects are now engaged by developers and agencies at the very start of a project, sometimes even as the lead consultant, to bring their unique skillsets in incorporating the design of the blue, green and grey, that is, waterways, landscapes, together with the built environment. With the evolving norm towards landscaping for urban spaces and high-rises (LUSH), active, beautiful and clean (ABC) waters and the blurring of the inside and outside spaces, it is now a critical requirement for landscape architects and their designs to be embodied upstream in a development’s entire planning process.

Last year we played host to landscape architects and stakeholders from around the world at the International Federation of Landscape Architects (IFLA) World Congress held at Marina Bay Sands. With the theme of Biophilic, Smart and Resilience, the congress focussed on the criticality of infusing nature into the city of the future.

Landscape is no longer just a cosmetic treatment to dress up a project with nature at the end stage to sell a property. Landscape provides a multitude of tangible and intangible environmental and economic values, especially so on Singapore’s highly urbanised and land-scarce island. Hopefully this source book will not just be a source of material reference but also a source of inspiration and collaboration in the continued evolution of our green city.

Ronnie Tan
President, Singapore Institute of Landscape Architects

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